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Those think that the special forces are loitering friends and that an army that not usually strict can not fight, Where Or that a trifle, why the military station Zijun kicking step along the tofu block to take the old toothbrush brush urinal pool take razor blade with the Hang Throat ouch scrotum Useful for these wars Of course, s useless, but s absolutely crucially important that is, strictness and strictness of any matter will you obey the order, and you will form an overall combat effectiveness. Nothing, I should go, I said softly.Her lost sad sad I can never forget. buried her in my arms, the cat close to pemis enlargement me as tightly.Promise me, sobbed, not allowed to get hurt again. Our love and hate, life and death, I must truthfully write without any cover up, give them a world of their own. I just looked, did not sleep.Our brethren sleep in the midst of that taste is a time of peace Why do we eat this bitter ah If the war we absolutely do not hesitate to even this manure pond I dare go ah, after all, life is important ah But this is a peaceful era Everything we do is just for a marathon Is worth China Army, is liquid male enhancement really fucking relentless ah My sigh was this. I asked What are you betting on Big black face said There are 15 rounds of ammunition in a magazine. My entangled camouflage short sleeved shirt cloth right hand finally enough to have this pemis enlargement bunch of small orchids I am desperately reaching out Kneeps tightly to the slit of the rattan The left hand holds the rattan tightly I can not climb anymore Because of the thick, thick trunk above, blocks my path. Infantry origin, young to participate in the Vietnam War, the deepest impression of China in China by the Chinese made 107 rockets hammer several times, he lives well did not hang, now peacekeeping to maintain peace in the world that past things that we Not mention, nor is related to the story of the egg. We first ran a 1000 meter jogging pressure leg pull the shoulder to open the physical activity, I said to Chen row pressure shoulder his face does not look good, I asked him all right He shook his head, wry smile Nothing. But I think of them in my heart really is not a taste, I feel uncomfortable, not uncomfortable, can sit alone in the room one day. Although I was in the eyes of Miao Lian Chen male sexual enhancement pills Pai is a scout genius is scouts brothers. This opened more than two hours who do not pemis enlargement know where to bring, and then stopped the car Pengzi opened the dog high school team shouted pemis enlargement us down. I know you are still sleeping now, because yesterday took a day s test.I remember watching a movie, can not say one, probably less than a quarter, called What time are you to be honest, I did not read it. So what team lost.Will be lost, what our team is no exception.Never undefeated warriors ah At this point, the cat head thunder brigade absolutely superior than any brigade. I did not look back I know, this look, I really can not walk.Really.Many years later, because of pemis enlargement this novel, I once again referred to the Military General Hospital. Every time a rookie of the squadron was his main lesson, he was not assured.Later, I was actually picked up by the head high school squadron directly under his team to go inside, I guess he is considering hammering me more convenient. My 18th birthday is spent with Xiao Ying.The sweetest day in my life Then I will never have a birthday. Absolutely indomitable, not brave, is instinct.For you, you dare to go back ah Where do I go now, when I go and when I come back are not the way, I am not afraid to ambush. From my paravex male enhancement personal point of view in my personal opinion, the special operations and intelligence systems of the old Americans are not so perfect. I was in the ding dong gunshots scream, but I am still , because I was in counseling a small shadow.

The hand of the warm hand male enhancement pumps that is fragrant I am lifelong memorable Do you know I go back three days did not wash until the wipe After my 81 automatic rifle had pistol oil had to wash, if you have six months without any contact with the opposite sex even if it is the language of you will know what it feels like in our bird that we talk about raising pigs This is the kind of egg, but the public is really true I am in the mountains for six months pemis enlargement I was in the training team a month plus seven months I have not had any and the opposite sex even if it is the language pemis enlargement of contact, only the small shadow, it is mentally The major Of course, it is not so easy to get a university graduated literary and artillery unit to the combat troops, which has been reflected in the theater s supreme command. Regardless of whether the political cadres of the soldier are instructors or pemis enlargement chaplains, the truth is still the same. I m kind of sorry I I got it.It seems like I made a big mistake instead of going to participate in what worthy of pemis enlargement a memorable tough guy contest. But do you guys know best all natural male enhancement product what the concept of little boss is She now has nothing to say ah, is indeed making a minor mistake in foreign affairs, but it is still a bright phrase Aoyama does not change the green flow , you provoke her, can ah She did not say anything wrong, but what about your grandparents and grandparents just want to best male enhancement pills over the counter come out ah There are pemis enlargement always past time Well, until you reach the point, Phoebus will give you trouble. Are more bird reasons, such as the village left a sweet potato who ate what.Of course, it is against the military discipline to play it. The main umbrella behind did not open.I rely on My brain suddenly disappeared, I knew it was dangerous. Soldiers do not speak to me flicker But still want to talk to me, I see it, but I did not thunder rock male enhancement feel the answer to him and the ambulances missed the most troublesome pemis enlargement things at the time, even if there is no Xiaobing, always have their female soldiers Right It is always possible to take a message Is annoying answering him, unhappy mood is like this. We all feel boring, that kind of boring is unbearable do not think hard, we are scouts down contest, in fact, often feel no training time is hard, training is not training can not be devastating and not a skill out of practice Special forces are not built on a day, step by step is the fundamental principle. But can I be convinced A mountain can not be two tigers This is not infighting, it is the natural competition among the military people to prove that you are the best. Added a protective rope is also pemis enlargement dangerous, because at any time may fall off the stone, that is, wearing a pemis enlargement helmet, smashing enough. Where do we go for a chartered Boeing flight, where I forgot because I could not remember anything else, and I was standing beside Little Shadow. It is strictly true that no matter what the UNPF troops and birds are concerned with our task is to not fight you on the . I do not see, really do not look at it.Because, I am afraid to see their kind of young and energetic bird. Do not look at what you are top notch, penies enlargement medicine but here are the top son, you are in pemis enlargement the old army by the main official value here is simply impossible So the scout s third place left Hesitate no one even hesitate to directly let him pack backpack back in fact, is to secretly drank so little was the high school squad pemis enlargement smell out of the dog, called him the dog s head is really no loss to him ah nose really ah The fourth is nothing to say, with the local young people a bit unclear relationship. They are living creatures.Whether alive or dead, they are living in the eyes of their relatives and lovers.